AaliyahShreen’s previously “Fat Cat” was a rescue cat from Battersea Dog and Cats Home, adopted in 2006. She is partial to a treat and will flirt shamelessly until she gets one – Shreen has thankfully been able to train her husband not to give in and Aaliyah’s waistline is now seeing the benefits. She loves affection except for the kind bestowed upon her by Shreen’s young son.  Aaliyah is quite precious by nature and is often referred to as the queen of the house.


DorisDoris the explorer, she’s a hunter by nature and frequently presents Shreen with the catch of the season – frogs, birds, mice and once even a carp! The only thing she likes more than hunting is padding Shreen’s husband’s back while he sleeps.


HoratioBrother to Doris, annoyance to Aaliyah. He is a bit of a cad, he likes to roam the neighbourhood. In the summer he will stay out for days at a time but when he returns he is very affectionate and will often curl up on a lap. Unfortunately he is also prone to the odd fight and at times has returned nursing a war wound or two. In 2013 he decided to take a 3 month holiday and was eventually identified by a vet several miles away – many thanks to his microchip for reuniting him with his very grateful family!


ThomasThomas is an ex-street cat who found his way into Mary’s family via Cats Protection in the Summer of 2017. He’s a petite and mischievous moggy whose favourite hobby is carrying bottle tops around the house in his mouth then attacking them. He can regularly be found sleeping in wardrobes or emptying the bathroom bin to play with cotton buds (he is quite special!) No food is safe when Thomas is unsupervised, anything goes (cats aren’t really supposed to like bread, surely??).

Our Foster Cats

BusterAmy’s family doesn’t have a permanent cat, but there’s almost always at least one around the house! They take on various kitties in need of temporary accommodation, from clients’ cats requiring a few months away from building works to Cats Protection foster cats in between homes to terminally ill but still happy old strays requiring a loving retirement. Here are just a few of the cats that they have been lucky enough to get to know over the years…

Mider Molly Cyril Harvey Lulu Mr Tom Lenny Garfield and Jasper